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Premium Firewood
Premium Firewood
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Premium Firewood

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    • Split, seasoned premium firewood
    • Comes to you in a 240L wheelie bin
    • Slow burning, high heat output ironbark and Australian hardwood mix
    • Suitable for fireplaces, wood stoves, and fire pits

    We service all Canberra suburbs, Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and Googong. Delivery is free. See delivery info to check your delivery day. 

    First time orders will have a $60 bin deposit added to the cost.

    Refills will have their empty bin swapped with a new full bin. 

    Wood only deliveries will come in a wheelie bin but be tipped on-site - no deposit required!. This option suits customers who are unlikely to regularly order refills. Please leave a note on check out as to where you'd like it tipped. Be specific - e.g. "Left of driveway, I will mark with a red bucket".

    Need a reminder to order your refill?
    Our subscription option will send you a link to check out every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks so you don't forget and miss your area's delivery day. Don't worry we don't charge you automatically. You just receive a reminder email and can choose whether you're ready to check out or not. 

    Use lots of wood?

    We offer 'Buy 3 Get 1 FREE' for customers who use a lot of wood (i.e. a bin in around 10 days). See Special Offers for more info.

     Terms of Service Summary

    • The bin remains the property of Canberra Wheelie Wood
    • To keep hold of our bin, there is a minimum order of twice per 12 month period (otherwise choose "Wood Only" option.
    • If your bin gets lost, stolen or damaged, you will be charged an additional $60 (and bin deposit forfeited)
    • If you haven't ordered a refill or bin pick-up request in 12 months we will charge you the outstanding cost of the bin, an additional $60
    • A $20 service fee will apply if your bin requires cleaning (please don't use our bins for rubbish or green waste)
    • A $20 service fee will apply to bin pick-up requests for single-order customers in a 12 month period (consider ordering a wood-only delivery to avoid this fee)

    See Terms of Service page for more details.