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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't need the bin. Can I skip the deposit?

Yes! You can order our "Wood Only" option We'll still bring the wood in a wheelie bin, but will unload it at your place so you don't have to pay a deposit.

This is the best option for customers who won't be regularly ordering wood with us, to avoid service fees.

Is there a minimum order?

To keep hold of our bin, there is a minimum order of twice per 12 month period. Customers who will order less frequently than this (e.g. it's for a party or you burn infrequently) should choose our "Wood Only" option.

A $20 service fee will apply to bin pick-up requests where there has been less than 2 orders in a twelve month period. We will waive the service fee if you order a "Wood Only" delivery with your pick up request. 

How long can I keep the bin?

If you haven't refilled or returned the bin in twelve months we will charge you for the outstanding cost of the bin, $60, in addition to forfeiting your bin deposit.

Can I buy a wheelie bin off you?

Yes, we are happy to sell you a green wheelie bin for your own permanent storage solution for $120. This is a great option for customers who only order infrequently but love our Easy, Neat, Dry firewood storage idea. We're still happy to refill the bin with our high quality wood when you do need it.

What type of wood do you stock?

Species may vary bin to bin, but typically mixed Australian hardwood, predominantly Ironbark. Our premium firewood will burn hotter, longer and create less smoke and soot than most other Australian hardwood. 

What size is the standard firewood?

You will get a mix of sizes and shapes of wood in your bin. On average the pieces are 30cm long. 

If you end up with a monster chunk of wood in your bin, and it wont fit in your fire, let us know and leave it in your bin. We will bring you a few extra pieces of wood with your next refill.

This offer is limited to the odd piece that doesn't fit. If you're looking for wood for a smaller model of fire, you need double split wood. 

What size is the double split wood?

The pieces vary in size and shape, of course, but in general they won't be much wider that a wine bottle and less than 30cm long. ideal for smaller fireplaces, woodstoves, pizza ovens and braziers. 

How much wood is in a bin?

We sell wood by the wheelie bin and not by weight. The bins we use are 240L (the size of most recycling bins). The weight of wood can vary with a number of factors including species and how long it has dried. To get an indication of the weight, we weighed a bunch of standard bins and on average the weight was 125kg. 

How heavy is the bin?

The bins are heavy and you must not attempt to lift them. If you would like us to put it in a specific spot in your yard, please leave a comment when you check out and ensure the path is clear of dogs and hazards. We cannot take full bins up or down stairs. 

Can I buy more than one bin?

Yes. We have some great deals for customers who use a lot of wood or our 'Frequent Fires'.

We are also happy to discuss options for wholesale price for Restaurants. Contact us - info@canberrawheeliewood.com.au

What can I do if I am disappointed with my wood?

Being a natural product, wood can vary between batches. If you are not happy with your delivery of wood please write to us first at info@canberrawheeliewood.com.au. 

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No. We will drop the bin to your front yard or where you specify in order notes. You just need to make sure your empty bin is accessible for swapping over. 

Will you take my bin out the back?

We are happy to follow your instructions on where you would like the bin left. Just add a note when you check out. However, we will not enter a yard with a dog or that we deem otherwise unsafe, and we cannot take full bins up or down stairs. This is why we ask for your mobile number when you check out, in case we have issues or questions when we get to your address. 

Do I get to keep the bin?

No, the bin is on loan you you. We take a $60 deposit for each bin we loan out which we refund when you return our bin undamaged. If the bin is not returned or damaged you will be charges an additional $60 and your deposit will be forfeited. 

What do I do if my bin arrived with damage?

If your bin has damage when you receive it, please mention it on delivery or send an email to info@canberrawheeliewood.com.au as soon as possible.